Infrastructure Architecture & Strategy

Performance-first expertise to help with infrastructure challenges

Whether you are planning a network change, such as implementing VoIP or WAN optimization, or experiencing performance issues with a critical application, Adaptive Innovations can help to ensure immediate results and offer long-term solutions. In a time when saving money and avoiding expenses is critical, our services offer a cost-effective solution to solving your network challenges and providing advanced-level support to your IT staff.

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Custom Development

Custom software to address your most complex business issues

Adaptive Innovations can develop tailor-made applications to address the challenges facing today's companies. We help align application interfaces to other standard in-house/packaged applications. We assist moving from difficult installations to simple, few step installations. We provide re-usable application frameworks and intuitive application management.

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Web Hosting and Colocation

Providing solutions with seamless database connectivity

Adaptive Innovations understands that entrepreneurs might not want to build in-house IT departments; they just want to run their business. We have partnered with hosting facilities that allow us to provide top-notch Internet solutions, such as geographic load balancing and instantly scalable bandwidth, affordable for any sized business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your bottom line by dominating search engine rankings

Adaptive Innovations, Inc. is a full service SEM (search engine marketing) company providing both PPC (pay per click), and organic link building campaign management services. Outsourcing your company’s website marketing activities to us will be the best thing you ever do for your online business. Our mission is to improve search engine positions for your website, attract more potential clients, and generate more sales.

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Compliance Auditing

Accurate risk assessment so that issues can be mitigated

We provide a variety of general and specialized IT auditing assistance. Our technology professionals understand the benefits and risks of information technology. We work with a variety of industries, system platforms and business applications. Whether for specific projects or under a more comprehensive arrangement, Adaptive Innovations can support your internal audit functions so that your staff, and your organization's information systems, are working to their full potential.

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Wen hosting, virtual server hosting

Adaptive Innovations has partnered with one of the largest and most reliable hosting providers in today's market to offer our clients affordable, reliable and scalable solutions.

Each data center is designed with 2.5+ megawatts of premise power, temperature control systems, fire zones above the ceiling and below the floor, specialized heat/smoke sensors with automatic fire department notification, backup diesel-powered generators, UPS systems, biometric identification systems so only high-level employees are permitted near your hardware, and 24-7 secured access control systems backed with armed guards. All data centers and NOC's are staffed 24-7 with expert engineers in IP networking, IT infrastructure and web hosting systems management. The data centers bandwidth saturation averages are always kept below 30% and have redundant GigE private fiber connections (capable of 1000Mbps each) with diverse routes to the Internet Backbone, ensuring that servers always have an active connection to the Internet. BGP Peering allows automatic re-routing of traffic away from "Internet Traffic Jams." This means when one part of the Internet slows down your site will not be caught in the bottleneck.

Additionally, our partner leads the industry in data center industry-specific regulatory compliance and certifications, providing you with the assurance you need by having the following certifications:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) - For the healthcare industry
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) - For the financial services industry
  • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) - For the financial services industry
  • EU Data Protection Directive - For companies conducting business in the European Union
  • FISMA (Financial Integrity and State Managers Accountability Act)
  • SAS-70 Type I & Type II (Statement on Auditing Standards)

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting packages are designed to meet the needs of the websites of most small- to medium-sized businesses. In Shared Hosting, your website is housed on a server with other websites. We offer Shared Hosting customers many top level features, such as guaranteed 100 percent uptime, that are usually only available in higher-priced, Dedicated Server packages.

Dedicated Servers

Larger businesses and those with more complex needs may want to move to Dedicated Servers. With Dedicated Servers, your company or organization has a server all to itself. A dedicated server gives you increased speed, flexibility, control, ability to handle site traffic and room to grow. A Managed Dedicated Servers package includes installation, configuration and 24-7 monitoring of your server. Our Partners' state-of-the-art Data Centers in Dallas (CDC-01), Los Angeles (CDC-02), and Chicago (CDC-03) provide unparalleled performance, availability and top security for their 8,900 dedicated server customers.

Colocation Services

Businesses and individuals can house their Internet servers in our Partners' telco grade colocation facilities in Dallas and Los Angeles. Colocating on a lightning-fast network provides your mission-critical data with superior security, instant bandwidth management and rock-solid, redundant Internet fiber connections. Being able to serve data from more than one location means companies with clients throughout the world can house data close to their clients. This geographic load balancing means quicker download times and a greater likelihood that clients will stay on your site.

Dedicated Virtual Servers

Virtual server hosting is for those who want the control and flexibility of a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. Our Standard Virtual Servers are amongst the highest specs, lowest cost, virtual servers available and we use the latest Quadcore Xeon Processors and Dell hardware.

  • Full Administrator Access(RDP)
  • Static IP Address
  • Dedicated Memory and Disk space
  • FREE Setup & Online Support!
  • 64-bit Windows 2003/2008 Server
  • Virtual Desktop Connectivity (RDP)
  • Unlimited Domain & DNS hosting