Infrastructure Architecture & Strategy

Performance-first expertise to help with infrastructure challenges

Whether you are planning a network change, such as implementing VoIP or WAN optimization, or experiencing performance issues with a critical application, Adaptive Innovations can help to ensure immediate results and offer long-term solutions. In a time when saving money and avoiding expenses is critical, our services offer a cost-effective solution to solving your network challenges and providing advanced-level support to your IT staff.

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Custom Development

Custom software to address your most complex business issues

Adaptive Innovations can develop tailor-made applications to address the challenges facing today's companies. We help align application interfaces to other standard in-house/packaged applications. We assist moving from difficult installations to simple, few step installations. We provide re-usable application frameworks and intuitive application management.

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Web Hosting and Colocation

Providing solutions with seamless database connectivity

Adaptive Innovations understands that entrepreneurs might not want to build in-house IT departments; they just want to run their business. We have partnered with hosting facilities that allow us to provide top-notch Internet solutions, such as geographic load balancing and instantly scalable bandwidth, affordable for any sized business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your bottom line by dominating search engine rankings

Adaptive Innovations, Inc. is a full service SEM (search engine marketing) company providing both PPC (pay per click), and organic link building campaign management services. Outsourcing your company’s website marketing activities to us will be the best thing you ever do for your online business. Our mission is to improve search engine positions for your website, attract more potential clients, and generate more sales.

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Compliance Auditing

Accurate risk assessment so that issues can be mitigated

We provide a variety of general and specialized IT auditing assistance. Our technology professionals understand the benefits and risks of information technology. We work with a variety of industries, system platforms and business applications. Whether for specific projects or under a more comprehensive arrangement, Adaptive Innovations can support your internal audit functions so that your staff, and your organization's information systems, are working to their full potential.

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network security, it consulting

Independent validation of IT controls provides unique, unbiased perspectives into the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your controls program. This perspective provides assurance to senior leadership and management that their risk mitigation strategies and control objectives are functioning consistently, as intended, when needed.

In today's business environment, organizations face a wide spectrum of business risks. Managing these risks is crucial for the future of the organization. By using tools, resources and methodologies of high quality, Adaptive Innovations is able to provide audit services to clients based on their requirements. Our experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds provide services such as Internal Information System Audits, Application Control and Security Services.

Internal Information Systems Audit

As an organization becomes more dependent on integrated technologies and automated systems, management is concerned with the rising costs associated with performing audits of their internal information systems environments. Adaptive Innovations provides a variety of cost-effective services tailored to each organization's needs.

Information systems audit is not the core competency of some organizations' internal audit function. Adaptive Innovations can provide complete or partial outsourcing of the information systems department functions, auditing for compliance with internal systems, technical audit training and special assistance on a project-by-project basis. We help organizations to focus on the critical information systems risks that impact the bottom line of their operations

Application and Implementation Reviews

New technological advances are essential to remain competitive and stimulate growth. Organizations rely upon computer applications and systems for their Business Processes. But the use of these applications and systems introduces several risks that may manifest in the form of loss of data confidentiality, integrity, or availability, increased financial burden, or a dip in performance. Some of the common risks associated with automated applications are:

  • Weak Security
  • Unauthorized Access and Remote Access
  • Inaccurate Information
  • Incomplete or Untimely Processing
  • Inadequate Training and Support

This creates the need for different controls and higher levels of data security. Adaptive Innovations can assist your organization in mitigating the risks related to the development of new and enhanced application systems, as well as those in existing applications. Our consultants have worked with many clients over the years providing high quality services for applications and systems developed in-house as well as external software products.

Web Application Reviews

As the complexity and seriousness of software threats continue to evolve and affect organizations and their consumers, web applications are an attractive target for hackers and criminals to commit fraud and other illegal activities. Web applications are exposed to more risk compared to other applications because they are easily accessible 24 hours a day as a part of their very functionality. Additionally, web applications are one of the principal communication channels between an organization and its customers. This channel is effective only after organizations have established a trustworthy relationship with the client and a credible reputation. These objectives cannot be achieved when security stands on shaky ground.
Organizations need to integrate security into the development phase of their web applications. If security is retro-fitted after the application is fully developed, the time and cost involved will be a huge headache for the organization.

Adaptive Innovations can assist your organization with the design, implementation and testing of your web application. Our services include web application hacking testing ("black box testing"), web application reviews and full code reviews.