Infrastructure Architecture & Strategy

Performance-first expertise to help with infrastructure challenges

Whether you are planning a network change, such as implementing VoIP or WAN optimization, or experiencing performance issues with a critical application, Adaptive Innovations can help to ensure immediate results and offer long-term solutions. In a time when saving money and avoiding expenses is critical, our services offer a cost-effective solution to solving your network challenges and providing advanced-level support to your IT staff.

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Custom Development

Custom software to address your most complex business issues

Adaptive Innovations can develop tailor-made applications to address the challenges facing today's companies. We help align application interfaces to other standard in-house/packaged applications. We assist moving from difficult installations to simple, few step installations. We provide re-usable application frameworks and intuitive application management.

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Web Hosting and Colocation

Providing solutions with seamless database connectivity

Adaptive Innovations understands that entrepreneurs might not want to build in-house IT departments; they just want to run their business. We have partnered with hosting facilities that allow us to provide top-notch Internet solutions, such as geographic load balancing and instantly scalable bandwidth, affordable for any sized business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your bottom line by dominating search engine rankings

Adaptive Innovations, Inc. is a full service SEM (search engine marketing) company providing both PPC (pay per click), and organic link building campaign management services. Outsourcing your company’s website marketing activities to us will be the best thing you ever do for your online business. Our mission is to improve search engine positions for your website, attract more potential clients, and generate more sales.

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Compliance Auditing

Accurate risk assessment so that issues can be mitigated

We provide a variety of general and specialized IT auditing assistance. Our technology professionals understand the benefits and risks of information technology. We work with a variety of industries, system platforms and business applications. Whether for specific projects or under a more comprehensive arrangement, Adaptive Innovations can support your internal audit functions so that your staff, and your organization's information systems, are working to their full potential.

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software development, web development, database development

Adaptive Innovations provides tremendous expertise and experience in not only customizing applications to domain based needs, but also providing cost-effective solutions for your best business needs. Having a team of highly skilled experts, Adaptive Innovations offers the best user interface experience to your existing applications, integrates and aligns new applications with native ones by providing common themes across applications and enabling speed and performance. The team dynamic is so flexible in adapting to your organizational processes that it soon starts appearing as a natural extension of your team at a different location. Our team strength lies in supplementing your native development resources to help overcome resource, time and cost challenges - thereby giving you greater flexibility to enhance current applications and helping you see the future of your application needs.

Custom Software Development

Adaptive Innovations makes use of the Agile Development Technique to manage any changes in the requirements through the development cycle and to create custom software applications that address your most complex business issues. When off-the-shelf products are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our personalized software consulting services can provide the perfect solution. These unique applications benefit our clients by:

  • Providing applications that meet the specific needs of their business, not just the industry standard
  • Providing applications that are practical and flexible
  • Making data available via the internet to any location
  • Providing solutions when no store-bought application will suffice

Adaptive Innovations designs custom software solutions to automate lengthy and repetitive tasks such as report generation and distribution, importing and exporting data and spreadsheets from one platform to another. By creating programs to automate repetitious and cumbersome tasks, our clients benefit in the following ways:

  • Fewer hours spent on mundane assignments
  • Experts free to solve other complex business problems
  • Engineers free to analyze data rather than running batches of reports

Adaptive Innovations has built extensive competence in providing Microsoft .NET solutions and .NET application development. Adaptive Innovations is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has a team of qualified .NET consultants, offering one-of-a-kind .NET consulting along with custom .NET application development, .NET programming, .NET based e-commerce solutions, and data management solutions. Our extensive experience combined with expertise in application development allow us to provide you the most robust solutions, at high quality levels.

.NET remains the best choice for several Fortune 500 companies. Among numerous reasons for choosing the .NET framework to develop applications, the best reason is its Common Language Infrastructure, supporting VB.NET, C# and other 45 CLI languages. Along with consulting, Adaptive Innovations can help you to choose the appropriate development cycle for your project, and we will ensure that your project is being built according to the specifications.